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BOS Battery S

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Lithium ion battery to swap wherever power is needed - One use case is no longer a must

The BOS battery S is a lithium ion battery equipped with LiFePO4 cells for superior safety. Its groundbreaking design results in limitless use cases and unmatched space efficiency. The unique technology enables a state-of-the-art Battery Management System.

Moreover the battery features a modularity that enables swappability between places and voltages. This mobile usability makes it possible to move the batteries whenever and wherever they are needed. As a result, both the private and industrial sector can implement and make use of the BOS battery S.

For the full battery detail, visit the BOS-ag website - BOS battery S lithium ion battery | LiFePO4 ESS - BOS AG (

1024Wh lithium capacity – swappable between system voltages of:

12V     |     24V     |     36V     |     48V

A new benchmark in space efficiency

Power that doesn't waste space, leaving you with more capacity whilst only taking about half the volume of comparable batteries. 

2 kWh fitting into the space of a 95Ah lead acid battery

9.9 kg - The BOS Battery S cuts every gram of weight, making it 10% lighter than competing LiFePO4 batteries.

Thoroughly engineered and made in Germany

Every detail has been meticulously thought out to achieve the best possible quality. All components are tested therefore guaranteeing the highest safety standards. 

Built-in hybrid technology enabling combinations of lithium and lead

The BOS Battery S can be used in combination with lead batteries. Quickly change the mode of the Battery Management System from lithium only mode to the patented hybrid mode. The preset behaviour of the battery is to leave the existing lead-acid battery as a backup power source during daily operation. During peak discharges, the intelligent BOS Battery S uses the capacity of both the lead-acid and lithium batteries in the hybrid mode to optimize performance.

Reinventing materials using glass fibre and ceramic

BOS has invested in creating a specific material that enables the battery to withstand all kinds of challenges. The housing of the battery combines recycled plastic materials with a high glass fiber content of up to 35% in load-bearing components. Some of the benefits provided by this material are the low thickness and weight. The added ceramic ensures an even heat distribution.

Unlimited options for communication

The BOS battery S offers unprecedented compatibility with current communication protocols. By default, the BMS communicates all data points via BOS bus, a protocol based on and compatible with CanOpen. Using the built-in JAE MX80 connectors, communication with any other protocol is possible by simply adding a hidden hardware expansion module. Alternatively it can be translated to other languages and connectors like USB or RJ45 using the external BOS connect products. Communication is already possible with optional configurations for RV-C, CanOpen, SFC CanOpen, Victron CAN BMS and Analog voltage signal. Bluetooth and many more will be possible in the future. This means the options for deep system integration are almost limitless.