Battery Energy SunGEL Ultra VRLA Batteries

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A safe and superior storage system with a life expectancy to meet the demands of heavy cycling for both on and off-grid solar applications.

Australian designed with industry-leading life expectancy for heavy cycling and solar applications.  Now, the latest generation SunGel Ultra battery offers 35% longer cycle life, an industry-leading cycle life at 5,950 cycles under recommended operation and settings. The robust Thick Plate design with Advanced Carbon-Catalyst technology can deliver a battery with a premium 20-year design life.

For over 30 years, Battery Energy has delivered a proven and reliable battery. Through ongoing development, Battery Energy continues to ensure the SunGEL range remains the best choice for solar, cycling and critical long-life applications.

For multiple battery purchases, interconnecting links between batteries are included.

Availability of Battery Energy batteries varies depending on demand and supply. If batteries are not in stock at the time of your purchase, lead times can range between 2-12 weeks as shipments arrive

Delivery of batteries must be metro or to a large rural centre and delivery location must include forklift capabilities. More information about delivery requirements for deliveries above 20kg in our FAQ section.