Build Solar Trina 330 Watt 120 Cell HONEY Mono-PERC

Trina 400 Watt 120 Cell VERTEX Mono-PERC 30mm Black Frame Solar Panel

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Trina Solar’s products have always maintained high reliability and solid performance based on our commitment to our quality-first policy. In our upstream business model, we tightly control quality over every step of the manufacturing process, from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field. We guarantee the quality of our products with an industry-leading 25-year lifetime warranty.

Exceptional warranty

In a recent study of PV modules made by leading manufacturers, Trina Solar modules ranked highest in reliable performance under real-world climate conditions. Trina is confident and proud of the exceptional quality of their products. Trina guarantees the module output to be at or above the nameplate wattage, and each module has a 10-year product and 25-linear power output warranty.