Build Solar PowerPlus LiFe PREMIUM N70 12v 1.2kWh

PowerPlus LiFe PREMIUM N70 12v 1.2kWh

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The PowerPlus LiFe 12v Lithium battery offers high energy density, light weight, durable and a reliable energy storage option for your off-grid power system. The PREMIUM lithium battery features high-temperature tolerance and a high cycle life compared to Lead Acid batteries, and other lithium batteries.

Ideal for Caravan and motor home, secondary vehicle battery, street lighting and industrial applications and off-grid solar applications.  Key features:

  • Manufactured using cylindrical energy cells allow greater heat dissipation when under load.  
  • Safe LFP (lithium ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) technology
  • Use up to 100% of total capacity
  • Up to 10 time faster charge time than sealed lead acid
  • No venting gasses
  • Built in Battery Management System (BMS) – allowing charging on most standard battery chargers and vehicle alternators.
  • BMS will protect from over/under voltage, over current, over-temperature and short circuit
  • Rated for extreme temperature conditions

The PREMIUM N70 comes in 12v for direct connection to most solar controllers and inverter/chargers. The form factor means it can easily replace existing 12v lead-acid batteries. 

Delivery of batteries and cabinets must be metro or to a large rural centre.