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BYD B-Box LV Lithium Batteries

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The BYD B-Box LV series is a sleek and stylish solution that is perfect for the average-sized Australian household. A great option for on-grid storage as well as offering the perfect solution for customers who want the ability to go off-grid with compatible 48V inverter/chargers. The modularity of the B-Box provides flexibility and the capability for the homeowner to add additional storage at a later date.

The BYD B-Box LV is available in IP20 enclosure (indoor only) or IP55 enclosures.

  • Safe Battery Chemistry - The BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry is recognised as one of the safest Lithium chemistries currently in use.
  • Safe Battery Construction- Built with the same battery modules as BYD's Electric Vehicles gives these 'stationary' battery systems the durability of devices designed for motive and high vibration applications.
  • High Power Output - BYD's High Peak Discharge capability makes them ideal for off-grid applications where surging loads are used.
  • Natural Cooling -Using natural convection cooling allows the B-Box to achieve the highest system efficiency as well as enabling operation without the noise of fans or pumps.
  • Flexible Extension -The modular design also allows for flexible expansion of system sizes over the whole lifetime of the system!

Availability of BYD batteries varies depending on demand and supply. If batteries are not in stock at the time of your purchase, lead times can range between 2-12 weeks as shipments arrive in Australia. Contact us about stock availability.

Delivery of batteries must be metro or to a large rural center, and delivery location must include forklift capabilities. See more information about delivery requirements for deliveries above 20kg in our FAQ section.