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Off-Grid Consulting and Project Management

Load Profiling + System Conceptualisation

Off-Grid Single Line Diagram SLDSuccessful off-grid systems begin with a well researched and detailed energy load profile.  Load profiling can be a time consuming and confusing process, that if not completed correctly can have significant impacts later on.  We can assist clients in understanding their daily energy load and maximum peak power requirements that equipment selection and capacities should be based on.

Looking for a basic idea of what equipment you will need to meet a certain power requirement or certain set of scenarios?  We can review application requirements and make suggestions about the way to tackle the off-grid needs.  This can include a description of equipment options, system configuration options and a pros and cons of different scenarios.  The most detailed system evaluation we prepare is what is call a 'light' feasibility study.


System Performance Simulation + 3D Modelling

Homer Off-Grid Battery simulation

Need to better understand and have confidence that proposed system equipment such as solar panels and battery storage will reliably meet your applications power requirements?  We take energy load profiling data and proposed off-grid system configuration and conduct performance simulation how it is likely to function in the real world.  Utilising the latest in off-grid simulation software, drawing from NASA weather data and extensive equipment libraries will deliver you a deeper understanding of how deep your batteries are expected to be discharged at different times of the year, if you have a large enough solar array to meet your needs or when a fuel generator will be required. If there are elements of your project that is not our core expertise, we are not afraid to a) let you know and b) source appropriate expertise to assist in fill the information void. 

Off-Grid equipment including inverters, charge controllers, electrical switchboards, solar panels and batteries all vary in physical size and installation requirements.  Understand the logical layout of equipment and cable routes, equipment room, overall site or enclosure layouts are important to have accurate and detailed planning.  We prepare 3D and 2D drawings based on equipment selected and how this will physically fit in your installation site.  Shade analysis is available to help to predict is trees, buildings or obstacles will impact your solar generation. 

3D Off-grid solar modelling

Procurement, Integration + Assembly

Off-Grid systems require more than the core equipment and require often complex detailed design and planning to meet standards and industry guidelines.  Build Solar manages all this complexity, the balance of system components and the technical skills needed to deliver fully assembled off-grid power solutions ready for onsite installation. 

Our assembled solutions are built in an ISO compliant manufacturing facility and programmed and tested.  Supplied complete with electrical diagrams, instructions, and a smooth and streamlined project management process.  With Build Solar, your solar design professional is your project management communications officer is your operations support, we don't handball you around for you to get the information you need, one contact person from start to finish.

Monitor + Remote Support

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