Off-Grid homes and fixed applications

For many rural and regional properties and applications, connecting to the national electricity grid is cost prohibitive or impossible.  In such instances, a reliable, robust power system 'off the grid' will be required.  Solar, battery and inverter systems can be sized to provide power for all capacities and situational requirements.  

When first starting to consider an off-grid power system, it is very important that a thorough and accurate load energy demand profile is completed for your specific application. Calculating the maximum daily energy (kWh) demand for both summer and winter, and peak power requirements (kW) are critical in choosing the most suitable equipment and equipment capacities. can provide you with equipment to suit the following applications:

Equipment Replacement

Old battery bankHave an old or existing stand-alone power system in need of equipment replacement or an upgrade? Perhaps the old battery bank no longer gets you through the night or maybe thinking of adding more solar capacity with an MPPT and solar array? has all the latest solar controllers, battery chargers, inverters and batteries that can be added to existing off-grid solar systems. 

Domestic homes

Domestic home off-grid solarFor the typical residential home, solar and battery storage is often a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the main electricity grid.  Equipment is scalable to all sizes for all power requirements.  Full home systems require careful sizing and professional, safe installation, ensure you have the necessary skills before giving it a go yourself. 

Holiday homes

Holiday home off-grid solarHave a holiday home, or have the perfect, secluded block of land without power?  Simple, small off-grid solar and battery systems can be perfect for properties that aren't occupied permanently or have basic power requirements.  A great alternative to connecting to the grid, or running a noisy fuel generator when you're trying to enjoy the peaceful serenity. 


Tiny homes

Tiny home off-grid solarPeople choosing to live in 'tiny home' is becoming more and more common, both in cities and semi-rural areas.  Rather than connecting to the mains grid, a small off-grid setup can provide you with basic power requirements independent of the electricity grid.  Watch this video on a tiny house off-grid system using Victron Energy Equipment - Click here for Video


Shed off-grid solar Solar and battery off-grid systems can be a great solution to power lights, a fridge or basic power tools for a stand alone shed situated away from the main dwelling.  An alternative to distributing power from a nearby source, or running a fuel generator (Generators can always be used for backup or additional temporary extra power). 

Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Off-Grid SolarShipping containers can be used for a huge range of purposes and can end up in all sorts of difficult to reach locations.  A solar off-grid setup can provide power for lights, fridge, computers or whatever you need.  Solar Array capacity is often limited by the roof size of the container (20F or 40F), in which case ground mount solar may need to be considered. 

Remote Offices

Remote office off-grid solarHave a remote worksite or office that can't connect to the mains grid, or tired of running that noisy, costly generator? Depending on the type of office, the occupancy and the equipment requiring power, off-grid solar setups can be a viable effective alternative. Simple off-grid setups can be good for temporary/mobile offices with simple power requirements.


Remote application off-grid solarCommunications systems are being relied upon more than ever, and need reliable, cost-effective power solutions. Whether for remote monitoring systems, communication towers, repeaters or anything in-between, simple solar and battery setups are a great option.