Marine off-grid applications

Onboard power for your recreational vessel is important to ensure you have a safe and fun time out on the water.  Robust equipment that can handle the rigors of the water, rough seas, and salty air is essential.  Whether your charging batteries from the marina, engine or solar panels, has a range of suitable inverters, chargers, and equipment for all your power requirements. 

When first starting to consider an off-grid power system, it is very important that a thorough and accurate load energy demand profile is completed for your specific application. Calculating the maximum daily energy (kWh) demand for both summer and winter, and peak power requirements (kW) are critical in choosing the most suitable equipment and equipment capacities.


Yacht sailing power off-grid

Venturing into the open ocean for a big ocean-crossing trip, or a short day sail not far from the marina, your onboard power supply is of utmost importance for safety, navigation and a good time.  Charge onboard batteries from the outboard or inboard engine, solar panels or small wind turbine, equipment capable of powering all the onboard essentials with reliable, hassle-free electricity.  


Houseboat power off-grid

Tired of running your generator excessively, or not getting to shore enough to charge up your batteries?  Quality solar, battery and charger systems for new or replacement houseboat power setups can help make your river break that more enjoyable, less hassle, less noise and better for the environment. 


Motor boat power off-grid

On a fishing trip but need a way to keep your catch and beer cool using other than ice in an esky?  An onboard power system with batteries and charger can keep a fridge going, navigation equipment powered and your essentials powered so you can enjoy the experience.