Automotive off-grid applications

The need for energy reliability and access while on the move can be imperative, whether you're in the remote Australian outback on a 4WD adventure, on in the inner city serving customer hot coffee power peace of mind is essential. provides a range of battery chargers, inverters, batteries, and other control equipment to get your mobile power station up and powering your every need. 

When first starting to consider an off-grid power system, it is very important that a thorough and accurate load energy demand profile is completed for your specific application. Calculating the maximum daily energy (kWh) demand for both summer and winter, and peak power requirements (kW) are critical in choosing the most suitable equipment and equipment capacities. can provide you with the equipment to suit the following applications: 


Motor home off-grid solarGoing on your trip of a lifetime, or just need a bit of power to free camp every now and then, a simple battery, charger and inverter (if you need 230V AC) will get you through the night. Charge batteries from the grid when available, the engine alternator when driving or solar panels to extend your stay at that perfect remote deserted location!


Caravan off-grid solarSimilar to a motorhome power setup, power your lights, fridge, water pump, communications system and other basic needs using a battery, charger, and inverter.  Power sources can be either the grid at caravan parks, engine alternator or solar panels.  Reliable equipment and solid design are important to ensure you won't be short of power when that cold beer is calling.


Food vans and trucks

Food van off-grid

Mobile food trucks, vans, and coffee vendors are popping up everywhere, and of course they need power.  Not all setup all locations can offer mains power, making a reliable and independent electricity supply critical.  A battery and charger with fast charging ability and a powerful inverter are important to operating typically high power kitchen equipment.

Trade vehicles

Trade vehicle off-grid powerNeed more power than your battery powered tools can provide?  Need to recharge power tools batteries onsite, or use that large bench circular saw to speed up the job.  An in-vehicle inverter, with battery and charger, can deliver you the power requirements you need without a noisy, loud, costly generator or the need to request to use customers mains power.  

Long haul vehicles and trucks

Long haul truck off-grid powerNeed a DC to DC converter or charger to power the lunch fridge, or a small battery system for the sleeper TV and lights.  Multiple solutions available to kit out your big rigs power needs.  Don't get caught across the Nullabour Plain on that long haul trip without power!